Moscow (Russia)

Praça Vermelha.Moscou. 

The Red Square

The Red Square is deservedly considered as one of the most beautiful in the Europe. This place of interest should be visited necessarily. There are St Basil's Сathedral, the State Historical Museum, Lenin's Mausoleum and state department store (GUM) in the Red Square . Tourists adore this place because here they can see the synthesis of the Old Russian and Soviet architecture. On the Red Square you can make wonderful photos.

Kremlin de Moscou.

The Kremlin

The Kremlin is a heart of Moscow. It is necessary to come and walk inside, to visit cathedrals, the Diamond Treasury and especially the Armoury Chamber. It will be unforgettable!


Catedral do Cristo o Salvador.Moscou. 

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour

The Cathedral of Christ the Saviour is a symbol of the Russian Orthodox Church. Here you can see the treasures and beauty of the ancient religion. The temple was destroyed in 1931 by communists, but in 1999 it was built once again.


Metrô de Moscou. 

The Moscow Metro

The Moscow Metro was opened in 1935 and named in honour of Lenin. Each station is a work of art. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to look at the most beautiful stations. With our guide it will be so easy.



Now it`s All-Russia Exhibition Center, but in a soviet-era it was National Economy Achievement Exhibition. This park is a monument to greatness of the Soviet architects. Tourists very much like to go for a walk in this place. Usually we combine visiting the All-Russia Exhibition Centre with Russian National Show or excursion on Ostankino television tower.




Central House of Artists

It is a small, but very curious park in which you can see various monuments to various figures of a soviet-era such as Lenin, Stalin, Dzerzhinsky etc. Here you can make photos with these works of the Soviet art.

Also in this park the works of modern authors are presented.


Praça Manezhnaya. Moscou. 

Manezh Square

Manezh Square is one of the main squares of the Russian capital and it is situated near Kremlin. Under it there is a big shopping center “Okhotniy Ryad” where the Moscovites usually go shopping.

Jardim Alexandrovsky 

Alexander's Garden

Alexander's Garden is situated near the Kremlin and Manezh Square.

Here you will see such places of interest, as the Eternal Flame and the honor guard.

Rua Arbat.Moscou. 

Stary Arbat street

Stary Arbat is one of the most famous streets in the city. This place is obligatory for visiting. Here the music always plays, pass various events take place. Also there are many souvenir shops and Hard Rock Cafe.

Rua Tverskaya.Moscou. 

Tverskaya Street

The main street of our city. Tverskaya street begins at Manezh Square and ends at Triumphalnaya Square. Walking on this street, you will see the Mayor's office, Tverskaya square, Pushkinskaya square etc.

Moscou.Predio de universidade do Lomonosov. 

Moscow State University

Building of the Moscow State University is a symbol of of the Soviet epoch greatness. Unfortunately, we cannot get inside, but, walking around the territory of it, you can make wonderful photos. Opposite to the building of the University there is a viewing platform, whence in good weather it is possible to make out all the panorama of the Russian capital.

Panorama da cidade.Moscou. 

Viewing platform on the Vorobyovy Hills

The viewing platform is situated opposite to a building of the Moscow State University. Here opens the wonderful view of the city. When the weather is good, it is possible to view almost all the city. Also you can go downwards and walk about the quay of the Moskva river to Gorky Park and Neskuchniy Garden.

Parque da Vitória em Moscou. 

The Victory Park

The Victory Park is the memorial, devoted to a victory of Russia in. The park occupies big enough space, it`s excellent place for walk. Besides, in the Park there is the museum of military technics in the open air which you can see tanks, military pieces of ordnance, a military train, planes and helicopters of the Great Patriotic War .

Mosteiros e conventos em Moscou.


In Moscow there are some famous monasteries: the Donskoi monastery, the Danilovskiy monastery and the Novo- Devichi Convent. Here you can get acquainted with a life of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Cemitérios em Moscou. 


In Moscow there are 2 famous cemeteries: the Novo-Dyevitchiye cemetery and the Vagankovo cemetery. The well-known figures of Russian culture, policy, science, such as the first Russian president Boris Yeltsin, poets Sergey Yesenin and Mayakovsky, actor Vladimir Vysotsky and others are buried there.

Mausoléu do Lenin na Praça Vermelha. 

Lenin's mausoleum

Lenin's mausoleum is situated directly on the Red Square. But this place is closed enough, so to get there is not always possible. If you have an interest in visiting the Mausoleum, it can be organized.

Torre de televisão Ostánkino.Moscou. 

Ostankino Television Tower

Ostankino Television Tower is situated near the technical television center Ostankino.

The height of the tower is 540 meters.

In the tower there are 2 viewing platforms: opened and closed.

The opened platform is at a height of 337 meters, the closed - 340 meters.

The closed viewing platform is opened the year round. The opened works only from May to October.

The view from viewing platform of Ostankino Television Tower is really incredible. You will see Moscow bird's eye panorama.

The original of the passport is necessary for visiting.


Museu Pushkin.Moscou. 

Pushkin museum

One of the main galleries in Moscow. Regularly the exhibitions of domestic and foreign artists takes place, also there is a constant exposition. If you are interested in art, the Pushkin museum is worth visiting.

Galeria Ttretiakov.Moscou. 

The Tretyakov Gallery

The Tretyakov Gallery is the main art gallery in the country on a par with the Hermitage in St.-Petersburg. In The Tretyakov Gallery the greatest collection of pictures in Russia is collected.

Circo de Moscou. 


There are 2 circuses in Moscow: Nikulina Circus and the Circus on the Vorobyovy Hills. The performances are entertaining enough. It will be interesting both to children and adults.

Teatro Bolshoy.Moscou. 

The Bolshoy Theatre

The Bolshoy Theatre is one of the most famous theatres in the world. If you like opera or ballet, will be necessary for you to visit it.


State department store (GUM)

The GUM was the main department store of a soviet-era. At present it is the shopping centre, one of the most expensive in the city. However, we recommend you to come and enjoy its interiors.


Izmailovsky passage

It is the greatest fair of souvenirs in the city. If you wish to buy souvenirs to your friends, you` d better do it here, because the prices in this fair are low, and the choice is wide. Except for souvenirs, here you can get the household items of the Soviet Russia of all kind.

Show nacional russo "Kostromá".Moscou.

Show nacional russo "Kostromá"

National dancing show "Kostroma". Takes place almost every day in a concert hall of hotel Kosmos.

If you want to visit this show, inform us of it and we`ll buy tickets for you.

The price of the ticket is from 25 USD.

For more information see the official page of show (eng/rus)




Travel on the river bus

We recommend you to float on the river bus across the Moskva river. You will see our city from the river. River navigation in Moscow is opened in the spring, in summer and in the fall. This travel will be unforgettable.


Night life

Moscow never sleeps. To make sure in it, you can visit one of the Moscow night clubs. Certainly, we shall recommend you the most safe and pleasant places.

If you wish to spend night at the night club, we shall reserve for you a little table and if it is necessary, our guide will accompany you.

Usually something interesting in night clubs occurs in the night from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday.


Walk across night Moscow

In good weather it is very cool to walk on foot across night Moscow. Moscow is very beautiful at night. Use this opportunity to see Moscow in the shining of beautiful illumination. You`ll know Moscow in absolutely different colors. Our guide will accompany you. Also we offer car tour by Moscow for groups 1-3 people.