1. How to make a reserve?

To make a reserve, write us a letter on passeio.moscou@gmail.com with the indication of the date of your arrival, the number of your flight, the airport you arrive and the service you would like to order. After that you receive the message from us with confirming your reserve. Remember, that the reserve without confirming is not valid.


2. Who will meet me at the airport?

At the airport you will be met by our guide with PASSEIO.ORG tablet. Then the guide, together with our driver, will bring you to hotel and, if necessary, the guide will help you with check-in.


3. What transport is used during the excursions with the guide?

We can offer the car with our driver. However we recommend to use the metro because it is the fastest way of moving in our city. The traffic in Moscow is very complex and loaded, there is a risk to get stuck in a jam. The sightseeing tour across the Moscow Center is carried out on foot.


4. After visiting Moscow I`ll go to St.-Petersburg, what can I do?

Very often our clients continue their travel in St.-Petersburg. Our guide will accompany you to the railway station (transfer) and won`t leave you, till make sure that you get on your train.


5. I have confirming of my reserve, but I haven`t got the electronic ticket to St.-Petersburg. What can I do?

This situation could happen sometimes. In this case our guide together with you will go to the railway station and will receive your ticket in the railway ticket office.


6. What about the weather in Moscow in winter? How many degrees?

In winter in Moscow it is cold enough. An average temperature is (-10С — 15С). If you decide to arrive in winter you should have winter clothes. To maintain low temperature is uneasy, especially for tourists from the warm countries, but Russia in winter makes indelible impression.


7. What is necessary to see in Moscow?

In Moscow there is a set of places which are worth visiting. You can find the basic places of interest in the section “Places” of our website. If you can`t “take shape”, we`ll recommend you the suitable program.


8. I don`t need the services of the guide in Moscow. I need only the transfer from the airport. Is it possible?

Yes, it is.


9. Is Moscow a safe city?

Yes, it is. The security level is high enough.